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Samsung RB215LASH - Refrigerator Features

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    • Food Preservation: Keeping produce fresh is a challenge for conventional refrigerators. They typically use a single cooling system that chills both the fridge and freezer compartments at the same time. When dry freezer air circulates through the fridge it prevents foods from being stored at an optimal humidity. With Samsung’s Bottom Mount Door refrigerators, food remains fresher for longer periods of time, because of our innovative Twin Cooling system. Twin Cooling Technology separates the control systems for the fridge and freezer to generate cool air independently. Because the cooling air doesn’t flow between compartments, an optimal level of humidity is maintained – lower for frozen foods, higher for fresh products. Odors don’t mix between compartments, so you never need worry about your ice tasting like leftovers.
    • Convenience: Whether you’re looking for a snack, or the final ingredient of a dish, you shouldn’t have to bend over to search for the contents in your refrigerator. With Samsung’s Bottom Mount Door refrigerators, the fridge is up high so that everything is within reach, including the humidity crisper drawers and the convenient gallon door bins. The humidity crisper drawers are ideal for storing vegetables and fruits. They allow you to control the humidity levels so that fresh produce lasts longer. And with the gallon door bins, you’ll save space because milk and juice containers fit neatly into the bins.
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    • Design: A refrigerator is generally the largest appliance in your kitchen and a focal point of its design. That’s why so much effort went into developing Samsung’s Bottom Mount Door refrigerators. The stylish smooth arched door provides a classier look than conventional refrigerators. The door swings wide open, giving you full access to the contents of both the refrigerator and freezer. A simple-to-use blue digital display makes controlling the temperatures and other information easy. And to ensure that the contents of your freezer stay organized, the Bottom Mount Door refrigerator comes with multiple bins for storage.
    • Energy Efficiency: In today’s world, energy conservation is important. Not only is an energy efficient appliance better for the environment, it will also save money on electric bills. Samsung’s Bottom Mount Door refrigerators are made with an innovative insulation material. This unique insulation enables them to operate efficiently while using less energy than other refrigerators. In fact, Samsung uses 15% less energy than is required by current energy standards. Samsung also uses environmentally friendly refrigerants that do not contribute to global warming.


Samsung RB215LASH - Refrigerator 360 Rotation

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