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Samsung WF203ANW Intro

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Samsung WF203ANW Features

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    • Internal Heater: In order to remove some types of heavy soils, stains, and bacteria from whites, a washing machine must be capable of reaching an optimum temperature for sanitization. Samsung’s economical WF203 washer has an internal heater that does just that. Just select the Sanitization Cycle. The internal heater can also automatically boost cool water when high temperature settings are selected so that whites come out looking bright and clean.
    • Design: As more laundry rooms move out of the basement, the look of a washer becomes more important. Samsung’s WF203 washers feature a sleek, curved appearance. The soft touch jog dial allows you to easily select cycles by turning the dial in either direction. And it’s available in neat white.
    • Accessories: Doing laundry is a chore than can literally be a pain in the neck. Loading and unloading the machine can cause a strain if the washer is too low to the ground. Samsung’s WF203 washers ease the burden by featuring a 15” pedestal, which is high enough to make doing laundry more convenient. The spacious storage bin with a divider adds even more convenience to the pedestal. And it’s large enough to store those super-sized 100 oz. detergent bottles.


Samsung WF203ANW 360 Rotation

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