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R3 Kreg Jig® Intro

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R3 Kreg Jig® Features

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    • Positioning Sliders:
      • Fully Adjustable Position Sliders
      • 9 Settings from 1/2" to 1-1/2” Thick Material
      • Perfect Miter Joints
    • Clamp Pad Adapter:
      • Removable Clamp Pad Adapter
      • Works With Any Kreg Face Clamp
      • Remove & Use Bar or C-Clamp

    • Portable Jig:
      • Use On the Jobsite
      • Works In Tight Spots
      • Screw Jig To Flat Surfaces
    • Carrying Case:
      • Impact Resistant Carrying Case
      • Built-In Depth Collar Gauge
      • Pocket-Screw Chart
    • Solid Steel Drill Guides:
      • Dual Steel Drill Guides
      • Eliminates Bit Wander
      • Produces Cleaner Holes
      • Relief Pocket-Holes Evacuate Sawdust


R3 Kreg Jig® Zoom

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R3 Kreg Jig® Specs

  • R3 Kit includes R3 Kreg Jig, Clamp Pad Adaptor, Step Drill Bit, Depth Collar and Allen Wrench, 6-inch Driver Bit, Sample Screws and Plugs
  • Drill Guide Block with 2 hardened steel drill guides spaced 3/4-inch apart
  • 9 stock depth settings in 1/8-inch increments from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches
  • Solid metal drill guide inserts with lifetime warranty
  • Jig Body made of a durable glass-filled nylon composite material
  • Wood chip relief holes
  • Independently adjustable positioning sliders
  • Carrying case with pocket screw selection chart
  • Accessories include full line of face clamps, a bench clamp and screw fasteners


R3 Kreg Jig® Video

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